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Blue Diamond

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Blue diamond is a form of diamond which has the basic properties of the gem, but also the exceptional property of a deep blue color. They are rendered blue by the inclusion of small quantities of boron in the crystalline lattice. Blue diamonds are categorized as fancy diamonds, and is considered a "color diamond", or a diamond that shows vibrant colors.





One of the first documented blue diamonds is the Hope Diamond, a 45.52 carat flashy deep grayish-blue, with the first known occurrence in Europe being in 1666 by French jewel entrepreneur Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, after which it was renamed the Tavernier Blue. It is now housed in the Smithsonian institute.  



Healing properties


Blue diamonds help build a congenial working climate and encourage promotion of new areas of opportunity. Diamond crystals offer relief from fear, hallucinations and social phobias. They are  effective for clearing your mind of unwelcome nightmares prior to bedtime. Diamonds are beneficial for neurological and sensory functions. It is said to effectively regulate the brain, decreasing the risk of strokes and seizures.

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