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Chrome Diopside

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At first, Chrome Diopside was mined and harvested mostly from Russia. The bulk of deposits were found in one of the most isolated areas of the planet: Eastern Siberia.  At roughly 6.5 on the Mohs scale, chrome diopside is moderately soft to scratch. Since they are green, they have come to be misnamed as Siberian emeralds, but they are not emeralds on a mineralogical basis, emerald being a valuable precious mineral, and diopside being just a semi-precious stone.





Chrome Diopside was discovered in 1988 when green gemstones were spotted in the Republic of Sakha in northern Siberia,a region famous for very harsh winter. In fact this mine shuts for half the year because of the freezing temperatures.   Diopside has been recorded and identified for some hundred years and existed in several places around the world. A type of Diopside, also named Black Star of India, has been recognized for hundreds of years with the deep green color showing a white star on its surface.



Healing properties



Chrome diopside's are believed to eliminate obstacles in the pursuit of passion, and considered to be helpful in reducing insecurities. It is known to be helpful in ridding oneself of feelings of isolation and alienation. It is used to prevent cardiac attacks and help  in the rehabilitation from a cardiac arrest or other heart conditions. It is a beneficial material for lung regeneration, especially after harm sustained by smoking or poisoning.

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