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Green Kyanite

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Belonging to the silicate mineral group, green Kyanite usually appears as a long-blade-shaped crystal. Gold, yellow, white, pink, grey, blackish, and blue are the most popular colors present in this type of gem. Of all the coloring kyanite can make, green is considered to be the rarest. Valued in the industrial sector owing to its resistance to temperature, it is used in high refractory bricks, mortars, foundry molds, bathroom fixtures, dentures, as well as in the automobile and railroad industry.





Until the 20th century, kyanite was frequently mistaken for sapphire. This is  why it hasn't established a history of its own. The largest reserves of these minerals are in the US, in the states of Georgia and North Carolina, and in Brazil. Kyanite is also present in Switzerland, in the Canton Ticino, in Kenya, and in India.



Healing properties


Kyanite embodies loyalty, and equal consideration to all.   It is useful in negotiations, trade missions, arbitration and other means of contact between two individuals that are in disagreement. In the office, Kyanite promotes strong communicating and bridging the distance between various views.  Kyanite strengthens loyalties and preserves organizational unity. 

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