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Imperial Topaz

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Imperial Topaz, also known as Golden Topaz, is an aluminum silicate fluoride hydroxide that crystallizes as a fine prismatic crystal. The colour is typically a dark orange that could be reddish, or a pale orange-red, but may often be seen as pale yellow-red.  Topaz has a low index of refraction for a gemstone, and so does not sparkle as strongly as other gemstones.





In the Medieval era, the word topaz applied to any golden jewel. For the ancient Romans,  topaz was a protection stone used while travelling. In the Middle Ages, it was assumed that wearing topazes on the left arm shielded the holder from evil and gave protection against the evil eye. The term topaz may have roots in the Sanskrit word "tapas," meaning "flame" or "heat."



Healing properties


Being a lucky stone, Imperial Topaz is believed to carry harmony, abundance, and good fortune to its wearer. Imperial Topaz is supportive of ingenuity, innovation, and abundance, which can bring wealth into one's life. Imperial Topaz encourages bolstering of the human spirit.   Imperial Topaz is an extremely prized stone for all who believe they have lost their faith, since it offers Divine energies.

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