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Scheelite is a variety of Tungsten-rich rock and is a rare earth mineral. Scheelite is most often present mixed with other rock sand crystals. Blue Scheelite is one of the types which can be used as jewelry and has properties which make it attractive as a gemstone. The key component of the stone is calcite which makes the stone pale blue. Scheelite occurs in tin-bearing veins, and sometimes occurs close to places where gold is extracted. The highest quality Blue Scheelite is mined in Turkey.




Scheelite is a mineral that was first described in 1751 from a discovery at Mount Bispbergs, Sweden, and named for Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Because of its notable heaviness, it was called the 'tungsten' (Heavy Stone). Later, the term was attributed to the product itself, while the ore was assigned the name scheelerz or scheelite.



Healing Properties


Blue Scheelite is used for repairing and strengthening the mind. One of the most prominent features of this mineral is that it generates power in the human body. It is built to hold destructive energy out while drawing constructive ones in. Through utilizing this stone, you will see the best of others.  The stone encourages you to find the positivity in the universe for all beings. It increases ambition and respect by focusing discretion and dignity. It enables you to recognize inner thought, and allows you retain information .

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