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What's my size??

Posted by Laura Greenshields on

Day one=problem one. How on earth do you figure out which ring or chain to buy if you don't know what your size is?

Luckily we have a solution! And this is something that can be easily done without stepping foot out of your house. All you need is some combination of the following: string, rope, paper, a ruler, or a measuring tape. As long as it measures millimeters and inches you are good!


Chains are quite simple. The length of the chain listed represents how many inches it is. The following is best performed in front of a mirror.

  • Grab your string/rope/whatever you have found and place the end on the nape of your neck.
  • Pull it towards the centre of your chest. 
  • Visually check to see where you would feel comfortable with the chain sitting on your chest
  • Pinch off and measure the string from the end to where you are holding it
  • Multiply this number by 2 and you have your preferred length! 


Rings can be a bit more complicated. Fingers can swell due to outside influences, so make sure you aren't measuring after spending a day outside in the heat, or after a quarantine Margarita day. The following graphics will explain the two different ways of measuring ring size:

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