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Black Sunstone

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Sunstone, which is a plagioclase feldspar, displays prismatic properties when seen from some angles. It has been reported in southern Norway, Sweden, different United States localities, and the southern coast of South Australia.




The sunstone, or in Icelandic: sólarsteinn , is a type of mineral identified from many 13th–14th century written records of Iceland, one of which explains its function in finding the sun in a totally overcast sky. Sunstones are also listed in estate inventories in the 14th-15th century Iceland and Denmark.


Healing properties


Sunstone promotes the recognition of self in order to aid in the interest of others. It improves the overall standard of life,  good nature and promotes prosperity. Wear Sunstone to feel hopeful and alive. It enhances energy efficiency, which is useful for physical and occupational tasks involving high energy expenditure during the day. Sunstone has been used to relieve sore throats, as well as being a remedy for ulcers and digestive tension.

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