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Biwa Pearl

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Composition  Although not a true mineral due to their organic nature, pearl formations are globular cysts of calcium carbonate contained inside the tissue of marine mollusks as a means of protection. Most pearls sold on the market today are produced artificially by injecting an irritant into the shell of a mollusc.




Biwa pearls are grown in Japan's Lake Biwa. Lake Biwa is the biggest lake in Japan, and is among the oldest in the globe. Pearls have been harvested from Lake Biwa for millennia, and cultured for over one hundred years.



Healing Properties


Pearls have a calming and relieving influence.  They have been used to manage simple eye ailments, headache, indigestion, or vomiting.  They are suggested for pregnant women undergoing challenging pregnancies. They are used prophylactically against nerve diseases and nerve weakness. Their moisturizers make the skin soft, strong and stable.

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