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Black Diamond

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Black Diamond is one of the hardest types of natural diamond. It is a complex substance composed of diamond, graphite, and amorphous carbon. It is only present in the Central African Republic and Brazil. Its natural hue is a deeper gray or black, and it is more porous than that of most diamonds.





The Amsterdam Diamond is one of the biggest black diamonds in the world weighing 33.74 carats. It has 145 facets. It is of the shape of a peach, and cut from a rough measuring 11.17 grams.  One hypothesis claims that black diamonds are extraterrestrial in origin and that they came to earth 2.3 billion years ago from a meteorite.


Healing properties


The black diamond symbolizes longevity, virility, and power. The diamond accentuates strength of spirit, willpower, self-confidence and resolve. It is a sign of innocence and a symbol that assures simple thoughts and devotion to one's self. Spiritual diseases may be healed by the use of a gem. The black diamond acts as a harmonizing and calming agent to placate a jealous mate. When an individual is in need, black diamonds strengthen their link to the person they love.

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