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Champagne Quartz

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Champagne quartz is well-known for its brownish yellow transparent consistency. Like other quartz gems, the champagne variety is composed of silicon dioxide.




Champagne quartz is a common gemstone, which was traditionally insignificant, but has recently become fashionable in the jewelry world. Sunglasses were used in China during the 12th century using  flat glass panels of brown quartz.


Healing properties


Champagne Quartz is presumed to stimulate the immune system to combat super-viruses and complex conditions. It rejuvenates professionals who have served in their fields for decades, and helps them to recapture their zeal and passion for their career. As a powerful company block, Champagne Quartz assists in all aspects of business, collaboration and dispute resolution. It motivates actions of kindness and philanthropy and adds unforeseen pleasure to some circumstances.

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