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Emerald is a gemstone and a type of beryl that is green owing to limited concentrations of the element chromium or the element vanadium. Like other beryl stones, emerald is comparatively hard at 7.5–8 on the Mohs scale. Most emeralds have inclusions making their toughness (resistance to breakage) graded as weak. The term "emerald" is derived from the Old French, "esmeraude" which in turn is a derivative of Latin smaragdus meaning " green stone" Emerald is known as the typical birthstone for May.





Emerald has been valued and treasured for over 6,000 years, with extensive trading in the marketplaces of Babylon as early as 4,000 B.C. The crystal was respected by the Incas, claimed by the Chaldeans to house a goddess, and has been strongly honored in all major faiths. Emerald was synonymous with everlasting existence by ancient Egyptians, was known as an offering of Thoth by the Egyptian god of intelligence, and was a favored gem of the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The Emerald mines found 100 years ago in Upper Egypt are one of the oldest in the world and were dubbed Cleopatra's mines. Emeralds were also used in ancient times in the far east and the Middle East for talismans. Centuries earlier, these gems were adorning the crowns and royal jewels of several nations.



Healing properties


Emerald is regarded as the stone of love, as it can strengthen a person's capacity to remain faithful and romantic. It is an outstanding stone for reviving excitement and energy for different things, like activities, family, or work. Although emerald is synonymous with relaxing, it is also connected with inspired thinking and philosophy. It is an outstanding stimulus for creative vision and adds intensity and concentration to one's work. Emerald has a tremendous restorative ability, thought to fight ageing and helping a weary body re-energized.


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