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Fire Opal

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The Mexican fire opal is somewhat distinct from the one usually used by jewelers. While a natural opal is white and clean, the Mexican fire opal is clear and translucent, showing a consistent crimson, orange, yellow, or brownish body color. Fire opals come with both a display of color and fire or without either. Iron deposits are responsible for the orange hue of Mexican fire opals.




Fire opals are notable for being located in the state of Querétaro in Mexico.  A fire opal that displays little color  is sometimes referred to as a 'jelly' opal. Mexican opals, as they are removed, are often cut in their rhyolitic host material if they are hard enough for cutting and polishing . The worth of Fire Opals may be dependent on the uniformity and vibrancy of their tones, with yellows being the worst and reds being the best


Healing properties


Fire Opals use an injection of elemental energy from fire to activate one's appetite for enjoyment, sensuality, and spirituality. Fire Opals encourage artistic creativity by empowering artists to portray themselves through their work. Opals are the perfect stones for corporate dealings, since they will secure financing, foster development, and carry advancement. They are perfect charms for those who want individuality and equality, and for those who seek a significant position in their life, either directly or professionally. It is a stone that can raise desire for and encourage safe and supportive sexual partnerships.

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