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Garnet is a beautiful gemstone that is dominantly crimson color, but can be present in any hue. Blue garnets are the most uncommon and were first found in the 1990s. The refractive properties of garnet are in the spectrum between high-quality, clear garnets and impure garnets that are used for industrial purposes. Garnets do not have standard plane breakage, so when a stone splits, sharp, irregular fragments are created.





Garnet is derived from the Latin word Granatum, or pomegranate, owing to the similarity of the granular forms of Garnet to the seeds of that fruit. Garnets range in scale from a fraction of a grain of sand to the size of an apple. The broad dull-colored "Carbunculus of India" (a garnet) was hollowed out into vessels which could accommodate up to a pint of liquid. The Talmud assigns the only illumination on the ark to a giant Garnet.  Garnet served as a talisman for warriors during the Crusades for both Christians and Muslims.



Healing properties


Garnet stone is suggested as a natural way to bolster circulation and metabolism. It has been used for fostering wound healing and purifying blood. Wearing a garnet can enhance absorption of all essential nutrients and minerals. Garnets are identified as the stone of concentration, awakening, and imagination. This stone can help you accomplish your objectives by inspiring you, avoiding resentment, rage, anger, and other bad habits.

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