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Green Sapphire

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Green sapphire is a variety of  corundum which is an aluminum oxide mineral. The trace quantities of iron found in the green sapphire are what gives it its bright green hue; based on the quantity of iron, the color can appear deeper or less vivid. Due to this characteristic, green sapphires are among the densest gems to date. There are occasions it incorporates both blue and yellow in the same substance, which makes the stone appear green. The green sapphire has just recently been introduced into the market and is therefore an uncommon gem but its value is steadily growing.




The finest green sapphire is thought to come from Sri Lanka. A sapphire was a sign of learning in ancient Greece , and was worn at the Oracle of Apollo. Buddhists claimed it brought dedication and divine enlightenment, and the Hindus regarded Sapphire as one of the “great gems” used during services in the temples and to align astrological forces. In Christianity, Sapphires were found in ecclesiastical rings and were used by kings and nobles for its security and wisdom.



Healing properties


Sapphire is esteemed for its symbolism of passion, devotion and loyalty, and as such is sometimes used in wedding rings. Sapphire tumble stones are an ideal present for newlyweds.  Sapphires are stones of attachment which help sustain a relationship.  Blue Sapphire is an internal remedy that restores the body and aids in sleep. Sapphire provides clarity of thought such that you will not be easily manipulated by the thoughts and emotions of other individuals

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