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Grey Moonstone

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Moonstone is a type of feldspar that is opalescent and pearly in appearance. Its name refers to an optical illusion of light diffraction. The most popular type of moonstone is of the orthoclase feldspar called adularia, found at Mount. Adular, Switzerland, a former mining site.





Moonstone has been used for jewelry for more than 2000 years and in Asia for even longer. The stone was a favored choice among jewelers during the Art Nouveau era. For thousands of years in India, moonstone has held a special significance for couples. It was believed that wearing Moonstone during a full moon would help foretell their destiny. Moonstone is also famous as a gift for weddings promoting marital harmony.



Healing properties


Moonstone opens the mind to caring characteristics, and it's beneficial in embracing affection. It was claimed to have the ability to reunite families that were divided in frustration. The Moonstone encourages dancers and musicians in their speech, stimulates the heart and emotions of business leaders, and enriches teachers in their learning objectives.   Moonstone is believed to have various beneficial impacts on children and adolescents, and is good for the elderly. Moonstone could potentially aid with the alleviation of degenerative disorders of the skin, hair, eyes, and organs. m It is effective for curing insomnia and providing vivid dreams.

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