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Herkimer Diamond

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Herkimer diamonds are quartz crystals, not natural diamonds. The "diamond" in their name comes from their transparency and exquisite faceting.  Herkimer diamonds have18 total faces; six on each point and six across the middle.





This mineral was named after the county of Herkimer, New York, the first location it was discovered. The geologic origin of these crystals begins around 500 million years ago as a product of the sediments being transported from the historic Adirondack Mountains in New York. Herkimer diamonds have been found in Canada, China, England and Germany, but only those from Herkimer in New York State are accepted as Herkimer diamonds.



Healing properties


On a physical basis, the Herkimer diamond induces pain management . The Herkimer diamond is used to assist with visual issues, and sometimes is associated with the eyes. It efficiently enhances sleep, combats against radioactive symptoms induced by nuclear electricity, and treats diseases caused by radiation. This crystal will also aid in calming the pain in your body offering you a feeling of calm and serenity.

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