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Agate is a common rock structure composed primarily of chalcedony and quartz.
Agates are mainly developed within volcanic and metamorphic rocks. There are
hundreds if not thousands of forms of agate with a broad variety of colors; even a colorless form called the “Earth Rainbow.”


Agates name derives from the Achetes River in Sicily, where Agates were first
discovered .The ornamental use of agate goes back to Ancient Greece in various jewelry and in the seal stones of Greek warriors. Agate is one of the most common materials used in the art of hardstone carving, and has been recovered at a number of ancient sites, indicating its widespread use during the ancient era.

Healing properties

Agate encourages inner harmony, calm, and wisdom. Its warmth and defensive
assets foster comfort and trust. It is a powerful crystal to use while pregnant. Agate can help to ease the "baby blues", and an Agate jewel can encourage lactation. Agate is useful as a protection amulet, and particularly good at deflecting traffic accidents.

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