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Blue Topaz

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Topaz is an aluminium silicate and fluorine mineral. Topaz is naturally a golden-brown or yellowish-brown hue. Because of the numerous chemical impurities topaz may be crimson, gray, reddish-orange, pale green, violet, or blue. Blue topaz is the best known of the Topaz gems, and is the designated  gemstone of the State of Texas .


In the Medieval era, the word topaz applied to any light coloured jewel. For the ancient Romans, blue topaz was a protection stone used while travelling. In the Middle Ages, it was assumed that wearing topaz on the left arm shielded the holder from evil and gave protection against the evil eye. The term topaz may have roots in the Sanskrit word "tapas," meaning "flame" or "heat."

Healing Properties

Blue Topaz relieves or harmonizes one's desire to convey their emotions and emotions plainly. The chakra structure is a psychic assistance that helps any who wish to communicate with inner guidance. Natural stones are ideally suited for researching supernatural phenomenon. Topaz is valued as an element that can ease disorders in the body. It is suspected to reinforce the nerves and encourage digestion. Topaz aides in exposing past-life trends. Blue Topaz is a traditional medicine for anxiety and depression and can play a significant role in determining causes of disease.

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