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Astrophyllite is an uncommon, brown to golden-yellow hydrous titanium silicate mineral. Owing to its scarce supply and high expense, astrophyllite is rarely used in an ornamental capacity but it is sometimes fashioned into cabachons.


Heavy, soft and brittle, astrophyllite usually generates radiating, stellate structures. This form gives astrophyllite its name, which comes from the Greek "astron" meaning "star" and "phyllon" meaning "leaf". The first specimen was identified in 1854 on Laven Island, Norway.

Healing properties

Astrophyllite is a very powerful stone, which imbues the whole body with light, thus assisting you to understand your true reason for being here. Stated to provide a tranquil, genuine and truthful energy, it is often called the "marriage stone" as it encourages total confidence, non-exchange of secrets and
complete authenticity inside a partnership. If you have psychic powers, this stone can strengthen your telepathic talents, and enable your signals to be more precise.

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