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Aquamarine is a blue or cyan-colored variation of beryl that is typically found alongside other beryl-bearing rocks. The light blue colour of aquamarine is due to presence of iron oxide and forms in large columns. Aquamarine is mined in numerous countries including the United States, Brazil, and India.


Aquamarine is named after the Latin term for sea water. In ancient mythology, Aquamarine was thought to be the treasure of mermaids, and its usage is an intrinsic source of good health, fearlessness and safety. The greatest aquamarine ever mined was in Brazil in 1910 weighing over 110kg. The ancient Romans claimed that aquamarine defended against hazards when travelling at sea, and that it healed laziness.

Healing Properties.

Aquamarine evokes the pristine waters of crystalline seas, and the tranquility  and enjoyment of the sea. It relaxes, calms and comforts, allowing one to attain harmony and confidence. Aquamarine is an excellent stone for overcoming the apprehension of speaking, and is an excellent stone for instructors and presenters of all styles. As a travel stone, greenish blue Aquamarine supports those who journey by sea by relaxing and stimulating nerves, avoiding the apprehension of flying.

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