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Ammolite is a mineral that is located in the eastern slope of the Canadian Rockies. The gemstone is often composed of the fossilized shells of ammonites, which also contain aragonite. It is one of the few biogenic gems alongside Amber and Pearl. These iridescent specimens have a dazzling variety of colors, mainly shades of green and red but many of the colors in the spectrum are probable. Unlike other gemstones, where colors originate from refraction, ammolites colors come from light bouncing from layers. The thicker the layers, the more reds and greens are created; conversely, the thinner the layers, the more blues and violets are produced.


Ammolite is made from fossilized shell fragments of Upper Cretaceous disk shaped ammonites. The ammonites thrived in the tropical oceans until the Mesozoic period concluded with the extinction of the dinosaurs. Ammolite is sometimes covered with a translucent epoxy or similar silicone resin to avoid chipping. The injection molding method was invented in 1989 and had a profound impact on the availability and durability of gemstones.

Healing properties

The Blackfeet people claim that Ammolite is a potent healing gemstone and integrate it into their medicine packets. Practitioners in Feng Shui began promoting Ammolite as an influential stone with the potential to increase well-being and encourage detoxification. Also known as the Seven Color Prosperity Stone each color is believed to impact the wearer in different and positive ways.
A mixture of red, green, and amber is most sought after, as the colors are said to encourage development, wisdom, and wealth.

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