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Golden beryl can differ in hue from pale yellow to bright gold. Unlike emerald, golden beryl is normally free of inclusions. Hexagonal crystals of beryl may grow to several meters in height. Pure beryl is colorless, and is then colored by impurities; potential color ranges include green, blue, yellow, and the very rare red.   Black beryl can also be used as a mining source of beryllium.


During the Middle Ages, lenses were made of colorless beryl because glass could not be produced transparent enough. As a consequence, glasses were dubbed "brillen" in Germany. "Golden Beryl" is often synonymous with heliodor, from the Greek translation of "Sun gift." A 2054-carat stone, the largest cut of golden beryl, is on exhibition at the Hall of Gems in Washington, D.C.

Healing properties 

Golden beryl sparkles with the radiance and intensity of sun. Heliodor as it is also known is capable of triggering a joy of learning and excitement, allowing the brain to work more effectively. The gemstone is a significant marker of real nobility and leadership, and guides us to make choices founded on knowledge. Heliodor has been seen as a talisman for bringing out authenticity in others and it is an outstanding crystal for self-employed citizens and those who are caregivers.

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