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Cacoxenite is a ferric aluminum phosphate associated with iron ores. Its name derives from the Greek, meaning poor or evil and visitor, since the phosphorus content of Cacoxenite reduced the quality of the iron smelted from the ore comprising it. The first documented appearance of Cacoxanite was in 1825 in the Czech Republic.



Healing Properties


Cacoxenite is a mineral that provides excellent luck to the bearer. It enriches one to see the positive, helpful and productive powers in all activities and circumstances and to use these forces to gain knowledge and discernment. Cacoxanite is a holistic healer that enriches the entire person and its connection to the conscience, feelings, and body. This energy has been used to affect cellular renewal, the body's hormonal responses, and to cope with stress. This mineral has been used to benefit the adrenals and thyroid.

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