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Carnelian is a orange or red type of chalcadony darkened by iron oxide impurities. The pigment ranges from a pale orange to almost-black in colour. Carnelian derives from the Latin word cornum, the cornel cherry whose glossy red fruits imitate the mineral.




Carnelian has been discovered in Bronze Era Minoan levels at Knossos, Crete in a shape which revealed its decorative usage; this artifact dates to approximately 1800 BC.Carnelian has been used throughout Roman times to create shaped gems for seal rings used to  imprint a seal with wax on communications or other significant documents. The ancient Egyptians referred to Carnelian as "the setting sun."


Healing Properties


Carnelian is claimed to assist speakers in possessing eloquence and boldness. Ancient warriors carried Carnelian around their neck to obtain bravery and stamina while battling their adversaries. In ancient Egypt, architects wore it to signify that they were a master of their trade while medieval alchemists used it as a boiling crystal to unlock the strength of other gemstones. Worn on  the breastplates of a High Priests it signified the blood of Christ. It is suspected to cure osteoarthritis which allows fractures quickly recover. It is helpful in curing a discouraged mood, particularly for those who are elderly. The force of Orange and Red Carnelian should be used in marriage, and the actualization of passion.

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