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Cat's Eye

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Cymbidium is commonly referred to as "cat's eye". This stone  has a chatoyancy quality which reminds us of the marks of a feline's eye. When cut to create a cabochon, the crystal shapes a stone with a shiny, light-green exterior with a silky band of green running across the top of the stone.





Cat's eye was made more famous at the end of the 19h century when the Duke of Connaught offered an engagement ring with a cat's eye as the feature stone. The enhanced demand generated an intense quest for fresh supplies within Sri Lanka.


Healing Properties


Cat's Eye serves to activate the intuitive processes and to increase perception. The grounding stone produces an important defensive force which provides stability.  It favors good fortune and luck and can turn pessimistic feelings into positive energies. Historically, Cat's Eye is thought to hold divine protection. Cat's Eye addresses eye problems and night vision.  Cat's Eye helps with headaches and migraines. 

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