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Chrysoprase is a form of chalcedony in which a small amount of nickel is present. Its colour ranges from light green to dark green. The material is made of tiny crystals so tiny they cannot be seen distinctly under standard magnification. Chryso in Greek means 'gold' and prasinon in Russian means 'green.'





In medieval times, chrysoprase was etched with the image of a bull in order to shield the wearer and to grant courage. Venus's stone, chrysoprase, was used in Greco-Roman religious rites and was the favored gemstone of Alexander the Great.



Healing properties


Chrysoprase may help repair marriages, transmute harmful feelings into constructive ones, and fix fractured hearts. A regenerative stone, it increases the development of antioxidants and decreases the volume of contaminants in the body. It will comfort you and help you relax, and it will relieve claustrophobia and avoid nightmares. This stone brings a sense of security and faith.

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