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Citrine is a type of quartz that varies in colour from light yellow to brown owing to the existence of iron impurities.  Brazil is the top citrine producer, generating a the majority from the state of Rio Grande do Sul.




The name citrine derives from the Greek word meaning citron, since many of the oldest crystal findings had a hue identical to the citrus fruit. Citrine was used as jewelry in Greek and Roman cultures going back to the first century A.D. Citrine was used in a brooch made for theDuchess of Windsor, and in her Bulgari Cerchi earrings.



Healing properties


Named The Merchant's Stone for its lustrous, golden colour, Citrine is a stone of abundance, attracting riches, good fortune and financial success. It instills generosity and supports equity and sharing. Citrine is a defender against  harmful influences and helps in releasing rage, anxiety, and destructive impulses.  Citrine may aid in overcoming depression and is ideal for encouraging imagination and self-expression.

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