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Fossil coral is a natural gemstone that develops over a period of gradual fossilization.  Corals are aquatic mammals, and the fossilized remains of their bones have been preserved for millions of years. A more appropriate term for fossil coral is agatized coral or agatized fossil coral. Agate is a particular category of microcrystalline quartz rather than a kind of coral. Fossil coral  should not be confused for coral that is endangered or protected. Fossil marine coral is more resilient than reef corals. Many agatized fossils show a dull to waxy gloss and fascinating skeletal-like ancient reef designs.




The fossilized remnants of colonial corals gradually became flat, spherical-shaped agates with vivid speckles. The transformation happens over millions of years when the coral's calcium carbonate shell is steadily eroded by acidic groundwater, and exchanged with silica. Coral's numerous colors are a product of the depositing of minerals such as copper or iron during formation.



Healing properties


Coral Fossil is also known for its soothing impact on the psyche. The stone may be used to touch departed loved ones, and obtain unique insights and wisdom. Fossil coral is said to provide assistance in business matters while motivating  and inspiring you; it also offers protection while traveling on or around sea. Coral fossil helps in supplying muscles, skeletal structure, hands and feet with relief from discomfort.

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