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July Pick: Ruby

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Our Pick for July: Ruby

Ruby is a beautiful precious gemstone. The deep red hue of this gem has made it highly sought after since the moment it was discovered. Kings and Queens the world over have used this gorgeous gem to adorn their crowns and jewellery, and now, you can too! Such good company you keep.

Ruby is the birthstone for those lucky enough to be born in July, so this month we are learning all about it!


Ruby is classed as an Corundum Mineral. These minerals contain Aluminum Oxide. Another well known Corundum Mineral is Sapphire. Ruby can be pink to deep red in hue. The cause of this spectacular colour is the inclusion of the mineral Chromium mixed with the Aluminum Oxide.

Ruby is a 9 on the hardness scale, making it one of the toughest gems in the world. 

Ruby can often be confused with two separate gems that are pink to red in colour. Pink Sapphire is also a Corundum gem, and the only thing to differentiate the two is where they fall on the scale of pink to red. Garnet is a deep red semi-precious stone that is generally a more brown-toned red, while Ruby is generally a pink-toned red.


Ruby has a long and storied history. It is considered one of the Cardinal Gems, an old term that is applied to gems that were considered particularly desirable in antiquity. The other Cardinal gems are Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond.

Ruby has appeared in many Royal Crowns, including those of Queen Elizabeth, Catherine the Great, Rudolph II, and the Sun King Louis the 14th.

In Asian countries, Rubies were buried beneath the foundation of buildings to ensure good luck to the building.

Healing Properties

Ruby is known as the "Stone of Kings." It is strongly associated with loyalty, honour, and wealth. Also strongly associated with the sun, the fire of Ruby stokes passion and love. 

Ruby has been used as a stone of protection throughout history. It is believed to ward off disease and warn of impending danger. 

Ruby amplifies energy, concentration, desire, and love. It helps to create a sense of calm and peace.

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