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Treasure Hunt 2020

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We are running an amazingly fun promotion for the remainder of June! Since we have moved to an exclusively online shop we have been racking our brains for a way to reproduce the fun and excitement that our customers feel while searching for the perfect piece of jewellery at our events. It turns out it is not easy to replicate the experience of walking into a room filled with over 40,000 beautiful and unique pieces all laid out for you to touch and interact with! Especially through a screen. But one thing we know is that our valued customers love the thrill of the search, so it sounded very exciting when Wes came up with this idea. We truly hope you enjoy looking through all our products to find fun extra deals and combos.

The idea behind our Treasure Hunt is for you to spend time looking through all our beautiful products just like you can at our events. So, we have placed clues and discount codes in the actual product photos of items! If you click on an item, and click through the product pictures, there will be an additional photo inserted that has the info in it.

A Discount Code tile looks like this:

A Clue tile looks like this:

We have had lots of fun coming up with clues!! Wes and I both have so many gemstone facts tucked away in our heads, we have been making endless lists of little factoids about gems. We have made sure that all of the answers can be found in Google search fairly easily because we realised that we may be a bit too specialised to be able to gauge how hard the questions are. The clues also always indicate what kind of jewellery the clue leads to, such as a pendant, or a ring. Hopefully you discover some interesting facts about all of our gems throughout your search!

We have also included a Grand Prize Giveaway in our Treasure Hunt! We haven’t run any kind of contest since we stopped doing shows, so this seemed like the perfect time. We will be doing weekly draws for $50.00 Gift Certificates, but the big prize is a $200.00 Gift Certificate which will be drawn live on Canada Day! None of us are incredibly used to being on video, so definitely tune in to FB live to watch, I’m sure it will be ridiculous and embarrassing. 

You can find instructions to enter our Giveaway in tiles that look like this:


We hope you enjoy the hunt!! Full details are on the Treasure Hunt tab in the Menu bar. If you have any questions never hesitate to shoot us an email.

And here, as promised, is your next clue!

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